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Where is the border between civilian movement and dance; what it means to behave naturally; what is the difference between dancing steps and walking; where is the boundary between natural movement and pose. Does it only depend on the point of view?

I asked these questions during the production of the video installation Blueprint, which I prepared for the GHMP at the Colloredo-Mansfald Palace as part of the exhibition Observer’s Anamnesis (2017). I created an austere, rectangular scene for the video, and gave the dancers simple but very complicated commands that emphasized the imperfection and limitation of the human body.

Blueprint | 2017 | 5´12"

concept: Denisa Svach, Anna Radeva

performers: Lucie Doležalová, Václav Kropáček

music: Julie Lupačová


The two-dimensional worlds of two people lost in cyberspace are waking up with the crash to life. Parallel entries of both planes intertwine and the created timeline becomes a real object.

“I feel I should go somewhere.
I follow my instinct mechanically.
The moment I get into the ideal position, I'm looking for another one.
On the way, the second element comes across me.
We are creating a new whole together.
We rotate around one axis in the same trajectory.
We create the path together, but each element has its own guiding gesture.
We repeat, alternate, learn, gradually align, until we exhaust each other and reconnect.
All that remains is the construction we have created together.”