Latent Potential

Latent Potential

Latent Potential is a sound installation that I created together with Julie Lupačová for the Future Ready exhibition (Campus Hybernská, 2018).

The result of our cooperation is a scene in which the background sound is repeated repetitively. Sound is a content template for visual elements in space. The viewer finds him/herself in an environment whose details are random at first sight, but if he/she spends more time in this environment, he/she realizes that he/she is surrounded by objects that have not been accidentally present but contained in a sound composition that substantiates them and reveals their hidden stories.

Finding a way to work together is a game of reversing the principle of working with one another sound and visual material. We treat sound as a literary model in writing scenarios for play. The spatial installation follows the sound template. The viewer finds him/herself in the middle of a situation whose beginning and the end he/she can only guess. The sound tells the story and the scene captures the fleeting details of the sound in space.

Latent Potential | 2018 | 9′

sound: Julie Lupačová