It is a game with strict boundaries in which imagery and longing go hand in hand. It’s a puffed out void that bursts and hits you right into your chest. It’s whispering at the edge of actuality. Saudade – the sensation of lacking, grief for something beloved that disappeared or has never been here. Solo by a dancer and choreographer, Alica Minar, who through the character of a stripper searches for natural sensuality that doesn’t deprive the female body of dignity by showing it.

visual concept and solution: Denisa Svach
choreography, performing: Alica Minar
dramaturgy: Šimon Peták
music: Lukáš Palán
light design: Eliška Kociánová, Michal Horáček



Saudade is a dance performance for which I have created a scenography. The main object is a cylinder (metal, textile, wood, balletizol), in which the dancer can hide inside or climb on it as on a pedestal. the textile surface is also a projection screen that the dancer tears off at the end of the performance. Above the cylinder is a hanging ring (metal) on which the dancer can hang. These elements represent references of a pedestal for a sacral sculpture of madonna and for strip dancer from a nightclub.

August 2018 - Alta theatre, Prague (work in progress)
August 2018 - Trade Fair Palace, National Gallery, Prague (work in progress)
March 2019 - Alta theatre, Prague
Novemder 2019 - Buranteatr, Brno
November 2019 - Diskurs 34 Festival, Gießen
February 2020 - Divadlo X10, Prague